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Kashubian Machines


In 2010 BAGRAMET Sp. z o.o. signed a declaration of partnership with the companies that use a wide range of steel processing technologies, cooperating within the framework of the Kashubian Machines initiative.
The initiative aims at:

  • Coordinating marketing and promotional activities in the domestic and foreign markets, adapting the products to meet the market’s requirements, keeping every partner infor-med about planned investments and future product development strategies,

  • Promoting partnership and support in searching for new markets and opportunities as well as for using the existing facilities and metal processing technologies in order to extend the range of services, products and technological solutions.

  • Creating research and development departments at every partner company and stimu-lating research and development in steel processing technologies in the production of new products launched in the market.

  • Cooperating with research institutes and metal processing machinery makers to find new applications for technological processes and design solutions for the current range of products.

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