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About us

The beginning of a travel.

Sometimes the most important things in our life are a matter of chance. The origin of the Bagramet company would probably not have taken place, if not an ordinary train travel. In the 1970s Czesław Baranowski (the founder of the company) travelled to Warsaw by rail. During one of such travels he started a conversation with a random passenger about tractor front fenders and dampers for Ursus tractor. This, one would imagine, ordinary conversation during the long travel became a spark, which contributed to creation of the Bagra company. In 1974 Czesław Baranowski founded a company with such a name and begun manufacturing spare parts for agricultural machines. The market quickly verified demand for spare parts, as a result of which the company adopted orientation towards cultivator and cultivator point (cultivator tine). During the next few years further models of tines were introduced to offer: plant cultivator tine, ripper tine or seeder tine. At the end of 2001 the Bagra company was transformed into Bagramet enterprise and since that moment it has entered into dynamic development stage.

The enterprise’s offer was enlarging faster and faster, extending by additional products and services in response to customers’ demands. Also dynamic expansion into western markets began successfully at that time. Quality of services and successes of the enterprise allowed for enlarging the team by new specialists and expanding machine park. The next step in the company’s development took place in 2014. Thanks to cooperation with partners production of construction equipment was implemented. It was then that the range of excavator buckets made of quality steel was launched. In 2015 construction of a new production hall was completed, which significantly increased capacities of the company. It was that year when Bagramet began collaborating with a few large European enterprises, thanks to which it was possible to launch production of over 180 different models of excavator buckets.

The effect of a few words which were said in the train was that today Polish solidity and quality of products is exceptionally appreciated outside our country. The Bagramet company, thanks to striving consistently and incessantly to create best quality goods, has reached a position of one of the most valued brands in the industry of production of spare parts for agricultural machines. In the coming years it will only reinforce its position, as it will be the time for introducing new technologies and subsequent investments, which for now remain a mystery.

What is worthwhile to know?

The Bagramet company has over 40 years of experience, which allows for producing goods and execution of special orders from a wide range of services (such as laser cutting, welding or blank preparation) without any problem. In turn, over 15 000 m2 of the surface (including 4700 m2 of production-warehouse surface alone) provides wide production possibilities. During the recent years also employment has increased significantly. Now nearly 100 people work in the Bagramet company. All of them are specialists who are experienced and know importance of their obligations and from the very project made in the technical department ensure that the final product is an excellent idea transformed into excellent execution. After all, a good product has its origin in a well-prepared design.

The company operates on our domestic Polish market and develops also in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Greece, England, Sweden, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus and in Finland. It provides 4 years of guarantee for agricultural machines and its competencies are confirmed by the TUV ISO 9001 quality certificate and the Golden Certificate of Reliability (Złoty Certyfikat Rzetelności) granted to companies for, among others, transparency, credibility and creativity.

Bagramet is also active on the domestic market in other way - it is a founder of “Machines from Kaszuby 2010” (“Maszyny z Kaszub 2010”) project. It is a project, which brings together enterprises using steel processing technology in their business. What is the aim of this initiative? Mutual support and cooperation which are to lead to improvement in production, expansion of markets and application of better and more efficient solutions in the production itself.

The range of products and offer is still updated and constantly expanded. A good example of this is introduction of a new model of intermediate crops seeder, which is wirelessly controlled - by means of convenient Bluetooth technology. A new model of intermediate crops seeder will be presented on this year's AGRO SHOW trade fair in Bednary for which the company cordially invites everyone.

Exceptional solidity straight from Poland.

The Bagramet company is an unusual enterprise. Despite the scale of its business one can still feel an individual approach towards a client, characteristic rather for small companies. For, each executed project is exceptional - no matter whether it is manufacturing of elements for a vault with a surface of over 100 m or production of a tiny bolt for a holder. The Bagramet team brings something special into production and participates in each stage of production, thus showing how important each client is for them. In an era in which quality of products has been reduced and establishing long-term relations between people seem obsolete due to modern technologies - real willingness to satisfy each client about the effects of cooperation and also placing emphasis on building long-term partnership relations is something which definitely distinguishes this company. Combined with a wide offer, professional service and expanding competences of the team one can say, undoubtedly, that the Bagramet company is an ideal example of how a strong position on foreign markets should be built like.

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