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BAGRAMET is a Polish, experienced and trusted company providing the highest quality of products by: laser cutting, press bending, welding, powder painting and machining. We focus on professionalism in every aspect of our activity and constantly developing our range of new services, in response to market demands. We work on modern machines, which guarantee the highest precision operation, and also shorten the waiting time for a finished product. As a provider of services in the field of sheet metal processing, we are aware that  customer expects the highest quality and competitive prices. Therefore, for all BAGRAMET clients - current and future - we offer calculations as well as a number of additional activities such as support of the technical design and the consultation .

Laser Cutting
Laser cutting process constitutes one of the most modern processing techniques with the application of a precise cutting tool in the form of hot laser beam. Our offer renders sheet laser cutting with the application of the perfect equipment of great power. High technical level allows for precise sheet processing with preservation of high cutting precision. The laser cutting allows to obtain complicated shapes such as high quality edges of incredibly smooth and simple surface.

The maximum thickness of the cutting material:
  • 20 mm constructional steel
  • 15 mm stainless steel,
  • 10 mm aluminium steel

Possibility to cut details with maximum dimensions: 4000x2000 mm

Our Laser Department offers:
  • wide range of certificated materials
  • short completion date
  • high accuracy and repeating parts
  • optimally material use
  • single and batch production according to clients request
  • carbon and alloy steel processing
  • professional packing

Our offer of complex services within the scope of plastic processing includes one of the most popular modelling methods, i.e. sheet bending. Our methods allow to change shapes with preservation of material qualities. We can bend up to 3 meters in length with pressure of 230 tones. The combination of CNC-control and many tools means that we can bend any material of thickness up to 10mm and if the total length does not exceed 500 mm even up to 16 mm.

We offer welding method TIG MIG and MAG. Thanks to the team of highly qualified employees, who own European welding certificates with the application of the above enumerated methods, we ensure the highest quality of offered services.

Our Welding Department offers:
  • welding of all projects in constructional steel, stainless steel, and aluminium steel
  • manual and semi-automatic welding
  • welding of small and large series

Powder coating
Our workshop offers powder coating services which enables to achieve top quality and durability of the applied coatings. We offer the full range of colours (RAL palette), smooth and structural/textural paints, shining, matt and metallic ones, NCS (polyester and epoxide, polyester, epoxide) – to comply with clients requests.

Our Coating Department offers:
  • painting service of carbon steel, stainless steel and also galvanizing steel and aluminium
  • shot grinding,
  • sand-blast cleaning
  • chemical washing

You are welcome to cooperate and if you are interested, please contact us and we will answer to any question.

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